SkladUSA offers preparation services for sending orders to Amazon warehouses.

The minimum order volume for preparation and the order measurement step is half of the standard American pallet.

Pallet dimensions: 40 × 48 inches (1016 × 1219 mm). Height - 70 inches (1778 mm).

Thus, the minimum order for preparation is 40 × 48 × 35 inches (1016 × 1219 × 889 mm).



(up to 14 days)

Storage / month

(after 14 days)

Півпалети ( 40 × 48 × 35 in)
is free

Палета ( 40 × 48 × 70 in)
is free

FBA order storage is free for the first 14 days. Then the monthly cost of storage is $ 35 for a half pallet, $ 50 for a whole pallet. The cost of payment is accrued from the first day of the month for a period of one month.

The cost of accepting a pallet is $ 35 per pallet.

The cost of sending a pallet is $ 35 per pallet.

The term of acceptance and processing of the FBA parcel to the warehouse, provided that the parcel was entered in the system before its receipt, is 2-4 days.

If the parcel was not registered in the system before its receipt, the processing of the parcel is postponed until further circumstances are clarified.

If the parcel has not been entered into the system within 30 days, it must be disposed of.

If the FBA parcel was not in the system at the time of receipt of the parcel, the cost of finding the parcel in the warehouse is charged to the customer.