Module for exporting orders from your store to the SkladUSA system and sending track numbers to the order

When using the SkladUSA plugin, the settings will be created automatically:

1. Click "Settings" -> "Modules"

2. Click "Download" to get on your computer.

3. Install and activate SkladUSA_order_wp in your Wordpress / WooCommerce store (archive does not need to be unzipped).

In the admin panel, click "Add-ons" -> "Add New" -> "Download Plugin". Select the plugin archive and click "Install Now".

4.After activating the plugin, click "Create SkladUSA integration". This will help you create API keys, settings and create an entry for your store in SkladUSA.

5. Your completed orders will be automatically received by SkladUSA, and you will be able to receive the track number in your store.

Without using the SkladUSA plugin, you need to configure manually:

1. In the store on Wordpress-WooCommerce to create a user who will be assigned API access:

Menu -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API -> Add key

2. Permission set - Read / Write and generate keys.

Warning! The keys must be copied immediately, as they will no longer be accessible.

3.Menu -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> Legacy API -> Enable the legacy REST

API and save changes.

4. Install Permalinks and save changes (Menu -> Settings -> Permalinks)

5. In SkladUSA enter in the settings of the store with the type Woocommerce: RemoteShopURL - store address, copied keys Consumer key and Consumer secret (see P.1-2) in the fields RemoteShopApiKey and RemoteShopApiSecret, respectively.