Provided that the minimum number of transactions on the account (parcel dispatches) is observed within a month, parcels are stored in the warehouse up to 1 pallet (40 × 48 × 70 in or 1016 × 1219 × 1778 mm) - free of charge.

In case of non-fulfillment of the condition, FBM orders storage is free for the first 14 days. Further, the monthly storage cost is $ 35 for beer pallets, $ 50 for the whole pallet. The cost of payment is charged from the first day of the monthly period for a month. The minimum size increment is the floor of the pallet.

The cost of receiving a pallet is $ 35 per pallet.

The cost of shipping a pallet is $ 35 per pallet.

The term for receiving and processing FBM parcels to the warehouse, provided that the parcel was entered in the system before it was received, is 2-4 days.

If the parcel was not entered in the system before it was received, the processing of the parcel is postponed until further circumstances are clarified.

If the parcel has not been entered into the system within 30 days, it must be recycled.

If the FBM parcel was not in the system at the time the parcel was received, the costs of searching for the parcel in the warehouse are billed to the client.