Forbidden to forward:

1. Goods and items belonging to the following categories: Passports and other identification documents, military cards, weapons permits, etc.

2. Goods sent to the address of foreign ships.

3. Cargoes sent to foreign ships

4. Any food products without factory packaging and certification.

5. Excise goods. For example: alcohol, alcoholic beverages, beer, tobacco products, petroleum products and the like.

6. Cash (bills, coins), bank cards, securities, checks, checkbooks, bonds, lottery tickets, and the like 

7. Scrap precious metals and ingots.

8. Antiques. Collections and collectibles of zoology, botany, mineralogy, anatomy or such that are of historical, archaeological, paleontological, ethnographic or numismatic value; items that are of national, historical or cultural value.

9. Firearms of all types, their parts and ammunition, dummies of weapons, their full-size models and exact copies, pneumatic weapons, edged weapons and other items specially designed for attack and defense, electron-beam weapons of all types, electric shock devices of all types.

10. Explosive substances, compounds, objects equipped with them, means of detonation. Firecrackers, sparklers, fireworks, pyrotechnic products, household and similar items and homemade products and products, gas canisters containing nerve, tear, poisonous and potent gases, and the like.

11. Flammable gases, non-flammable and non-toxic gases (liquid cryogenic gases), toxic gases. For example, gases in any packaging, aerosol containers, lighters, refueling cans, fire extinguishers and the like.

12. Gases, compressed and liquefied for domestic and industrial use.

13. Flammable liquids.

14. Flammable solids and substances are prone to spontaneous combustion. For example: potassium, sodium, metal calcium, their alloys, phosphorous calcium, white phosphorus, yellow and other substances classified as flammable solids, nitrocellulose, sparklers, coal samples, pellet samples, firewood samples, magnesium, any metal powders, etc. 

15. Poisonous and potent substances in any physical state, regardless of the form and quality of their packaging. For example: brucine, nicotine, strychnine, formalin, antifreeze, ethylene glycol, mercury, cyanide preparations, cyclone, cyanide, and substances with similar properties.

16. Corrosive and corrosive substances: acids, alkalis, lime, electrolyte and the like.

17. Radioactive substances and materials of any degree of potential risk, form of manufacture or physical condition and physical properties.

18. Infectious substances, that is, substances containing pathogenic organisms that cause disease in humans or animals. For example: microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, parasites, fungi), infectious agents such as prions, vaccines, medical and clinical waste, biosamples, and the like.

19. Goods for military use and dual use.

20. Seals, car license plates.

21. Live animals and plants. Fur, skins, stuffed animals, feathers, bone products.

22. Pornographic materials

23. Counterfeit and falsified products.

24. The shipment is addressed to recipients subject to the anti-terrorist directives of the European Union 2580/2001 and 881/2002 and international sanctions lists: UN, EU, USA.

25. Human remains, human organs, human tissue, dust

26. Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues

27. Medicines. Biologically active additives (BAA).

28. Things that were in use, personal items (clothes, shoes) in a dirty state.

29. Automotive, aviation, etc. spare parts that were in use.

30. Unmarked containers containing liquid without clearly indicating its composition and purpose.

31. Seeds and seeds.

32. Cargoes with specific temperature conditions.

33. Metals and scrap metal. For example: rare earth metals in pure form, in mixtures or alloys, ferroalloys, turnings, cuttings, debris, milling waste, sawdust, stainless steel and ferrous metal ingots for remelting, copper alloys, raw lead, nickel, untreated tin, nickel powder, tungsten, magnesium, molybdenum, tantalum, bismuth, cadmium, titanium, zirconium, antimony, manganese, beryllium, chromium, germanium, vanadium, gallium, hafnium, indium, niobium, rhenium, thallium, nickel, tin, cermets and products from them, cobalt matte and other intermediate products of cobalt metallurgy.

34. Untreated wood.

35. Soil samples.