Before filing on the wanted list, we check the status of the shipment on the website


- If the search is still necessary, then follow the link:

The system will ask you to register.

By registering once, you can use your account over and over again.

You need to register with real information about yourself, and submit on the search on behalf of a SkladUSA representative.

So, after registration, we log in to the system. We fill in the required fields:

- tracking number

- date of dispatch and method of dispatch

(The system will substitute itself from the tracking, if not, set it manually) insurance

Further points:

- to whom to send if found?

Choose Addressee (addressee)

-fill in the address (country, city, state, index, the system will fill in automatically from tracking, if not - put it manually)

The next step, we fill in the sender's address, in the case of sending via SkladUSA, this is a representative of the company Oleg Ladan:

The following:

- Who to contact in case of receiving any information?

Here, the system automatically fills in your data during registration (change if necessary).


- Description of your attachment.

Start from the first line - and the system itself will suggest some categories available to you:

Below we also indicate the quantity and condition of the goods - New

Next, check the boxes and click "Verify Address"

The system offers to choose from the addresses available in the USPS database.

Confirm you need and click "Use selected address":

We check the entered information again and click "Submit". Done!

Your application is now an ID number.

You can also check the wanted status at the link below, indicated in bold type.

You will receive any information on the search by email you specified in the application