Before you will be able to create a product for sale on Amazon, you need to send it to us.

When we receive it and confirm the availability in the warehouse, you can create an order for the shipment of the products to the Amazon warehouse for sale.

Useful videos:

How to Create Amazon Shipping Labels and FNSKU?

How to Create an Order for the FBA (Amazon)?

1. Go to the “Orders — Orders FBA” category

2. Click the “Add new” button

3. Enter your order details. If you need us to create sets from your product, please put a check mark “create set” and in the comments add instructions. Comment is optional. Attach the barcode and shipping label in pdf format. Without them

we can not fulfill your order

4. Add the product and the number of items

5. Click on "Create"

6. The order is created. You can edit the order, delete it (until it is shipped) or see details