1.Go to "Settings" - "Remote Etsy Listings"

2. Select your Etsy store from the list in which you want to create a listing

3. You can see key information about your store - name, logo, ID, etc. Click "Get Active Listings from Etsy shop" to see all active listings in your store. Click "Create new Listing" to create a new listing

4. By clicking on "Get Active Listings from Etsy shop", all active listings will appear on the page. The number of listings can be seen in the "Shop info" window

5. You can edit, copy or delete each listing from the list. For each, its name, price and quantity are indicated. You can change the number of listings displayed on one page in the "Show" field. Use the search if you need to find the required listing

6. By clicking "+" you can see more detailed information about the listing.

7. To create a new listing, click "Create new Listing"

8. The functionality of adding a new listing is displayed directly as on Etsy. Add product photo

9. Add title and fill in product information

10. Select a product category, then optional fields will appear

11. Fill in the description, product type, and update function

12. Select a section in your store for this product, add tags and the material from which it is made

13. To select a "Delivery template", you must first create it on Etsy (one or more). Go to "Settings" - "Delivery settings" - "Delivery templates"

14. Click Add Shipping Template. Add the templates you need

15. Select in the SkladUSA system you need a "Delivery Template"

16. Add your product dimensions

17. Add product cost, quantity, SKU (optional)

18. Click "Save"