1. Click "Orders" -> "Orders FBM"

2. Mark the orders that you want to add to the consolidation.

3. Click "Create Consolidation" at the top of the page or "OK" next to "Create Consolidation" at the bottom of the page

4. Choose the direction and method of your consolidation.

5. Enter the delivery company by which you will send the parcel and the declared value. If you brought the consolidation to the warehouse yourself, write it down in the comments.

6. Fill in the information about the measurements of the parcel. Shipping cost and volumetric weight will be calculated automatically according to your measurements. The cost of delivery is calculated by weight - the largest of the actual or volumetric is selected.
7. If you want to send an item in consolidation for storage at our warehouse in the USA, then add it here - create a new one or select from the items created earlier. If you do not plan to add anything to the order, then you do not need to touch this field!
8. Click "Create"

9. Be sure to label each order (order number + recipient name) and consolidation box (consolidation number). You can print and stick the markings offered by the system or duplicate manually as well. The marking must necessarily contain:

consolidation number + consolidation method

order number + recipient's name

10. Having sent the consolidation to the warehouse in Kiev, be sure to add the track number to the consolidation form in the system, so that the warehouse will identify your parcel upon receipt.