1. Click "Payment system" -> "PayPal transactions".

2. Opposite the transaction you need, click "Create DHL", depending on the method of sending you have chosen.

3. Select "Send from warehouse". The system will fill in the contact information of the warehouse. Enter the tracking number to identify your parcel, or add it later after you receive the tracking number. If you plan to send the parcel yourself, then select "Send from the sender" and enter your personal information.

4. Enter the measurements of your parcel. Or select one of the DHL Packaging Profiles we added earlier. The volumetric weight field will display the volumetric weight of your order, according to measurements.

5. Click "+" to add the content of your shipment. If your order contains several different products, add them. Please describe the contents of your shipment in detail in Russian and English in the appropriate fields. Also a product can be added by pre-added DHL product profiles. In the "Declared Value" field, the total cost of the content of your order will appear. Select the scheduled departure date for the package to the customer.

6. The system will automatically fill in the recipient's data from the transaction.

7. Click Save.

8. Click "Buy Lable" to pay for the shipment. You can pay for the shipment with a balance or a bank card.

9. Be sure to mark your shipment before sending it to the warehouse in Minsk (method of shipment + number of shipment + name of the recipient). For example, DHL # 731 Brian Sutton.

10. In case of self-shipment, you must print the following documents:

  • 2 copies of the label
  • 4 copies of proforma