Як поповнити рахунок в системі?

1. Invoices for sending can be found in the "My Invoices" section

2. Payment for the order in the consolidation is deducted from the account automatically on the day of creation of Lable.

3. The consolidation fee is deducted automatically on the day of acceptance of the consolidated shipment in the US warehouse.
4. Click "Create Lable" to pay for the express shipment. A window will appear with the amount to be paid for shipping. Click "I agree to create"to pay. The amount is deducted from the balance. If there are not enough funds on the balance to pay, a payment page will appear.

5.If, as a result of withdrawals for invoices, there is a negative amount on the balance - you need to replenish the account (by credit card or Payoneer). Otherwise, the system will not allow you to create express shipmentsя.
6.In the simplified cabinet, payment is made immediately when creating a shipment in the system (more details in the instructions for working with the simplified cabinet).

7. You can view the transaction history in your account by clicking on the amount of your balance in the information panel.