Rules for filling out the proforma:

1. Maintain the sequence of description: first Ukrainian - then English. Please, do not fill in the proforma in Russian - the documents submitted to customs must contain only Ukrainian / English (for shipments from Belarus - Russian / English)!

2. The description of the goods must be specific and contain information about the material from which it is made (if there are materials from wood - it is necessary to indicate from which wood).

3. The description should not contain generalized concepts, such as "decor", "souvenir", "ornament" and others.

4. For each product made by hand, it must be stated that it is "handmade".

5 File format should be only .xls (Excel) - for EZ cabinet the description is specified when creating orders

Description format:

Description in Ukrainian + (handmade) + description in English + (handmade)


Шкіряна сумка (ручна робота) / Leather bag (handmade)

Дерев'яна іграшка (ручна робота) / Wooden toy (handmade)

Сережки з металу (ручна робота) / Metal earrings (handmade)

Дерев'яна масляна палітра (береза) (ручна робота) / Wooden oil palette (birch)  (handmade)

Жіноча піжама білого кольору з сатинового шовку (ручна робота) / Women Pajama set made of white silk satin (handmade)

Чорна сумка-клатч для жінок (штучна-шкіра) (ручна робота) / Black clutch bag for women (artificial leather) (handmade) 

Шкіряний гаманець (теляча шкіра) (ручна робота) / Leather cowhide wallet (handmade)

Обручка з металу та пластику (ручна робота) / Woman ring made of metal and plastic (handmade)

Чорна тканина в зелений горошок (взірець) (ручна робота) / Black fabric with polka dots Green (sample) (handmade)

Кольорова трикотажна тканина (взірець) (ручна робота) / Сolorful stretch knit fabric (sample) (handmade)

Чорна і біла резинка для волосся (ручна робота) / Set Black and White hair elastic cord (handmade)

Чоловіча спортивна куртка з синтетики б.в. / Men's sports jacket from synthetics used

Following these simple rules will make it easier to process your parcels. Compliance with customs requirements for a correct description of the investment will significantly speed up the shipment of parcels and, in some cases, reduce delivery times!