1. Click "Order" -> "Etsy, Ebay - order"

2. Click "Order"

3. Fill in the information about the buyer (name, address, phone)

4. Choose a carrier from the US warehouse and delivery method (optional)

5. Enter the lot number (order number in your store) and add a comment if desired

6. Select whether you want to insure the order (if so, enter the amount of insurance)

7. Add the product you are sending in the order to the "Content" field by clicking "+", or select from доданих профілів товарів КНС

8. If you want to add to the order a product that is already stored in our warehouse in the United States (that is, one that you have previously sent to our warehouse), then select it here. If you do not plan to add anything to the order, you do not need to touch this field! What are my products in stock in the US?

9. If you need additional packaging for your order, choose it here

10. Click "Create"

11. Be sure to mark your order. You can do this by ticking all the orders you want to mark and clicking "Mark" at the top of the page. Print and attach the label to your orders, or just duplicate the same label manually.