Orders must be immediately packed and have such a look as they they will be sent to the buyer from the warehouse in the USA / England

1. Click "Order" -> "Checkout".

2. Click Add.

3. Fill in the information about the delivery address and the recipient in the Latin alphabet (English)

4. Enter the measurements of your order. The volumetric weight field will display the volumetric weight of your order, according to measurements.

5. Select one of the proposed delivery methods. The shipping cost can be seen in the corresponding field.

6. Fill in the order content information. If your order contains several different products, add them by clicking "+". Or select from the pre-added KNS product profiles. In the "Declared Value" field, the total cost of the content of your order will appear.

7. Click "Create" to create the order.

8. The order must be paid before the arrival of the consolidation in which they are put into at the warehouse in Minsk. How to pay for an order for consolidation?

9. Be sure to mark your order according to the instructions at the top of the page.