• Go to the "Settings" section

  • Individual Accounts are accounts for individuals. Business Accounts - Legal or FOP. Choose from two options. Click the red Add button

  • Choose a payment system or bank

  • The fields are different for each system

  • For example, such fields must be filled in to add a Privatbank card.

  • Be sure to fill in all fields

  • For example, to add a Paypal account, enter your Email, first and last name.
  • Now we will issue a request to transfer funds

  • Go to "Payment system" - "Request for transfer of funds".
  • Select the type of request and click "Create"

For an individual

  • Select account, transaction. Click "Create"
  • The account and transaction must be selected from those added earlier.
  • You can select multiple transactions for the amount you need.

For a legal entity

  • Fill in all the fields

  • Select an account and a transaction from the ones added earlier, you can select multiple transactions. Indicate "Without VAT" or "With VAT".
  • Click "Create"